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Phoneography: empty benches, melting lake March 13, 2013

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I want to sit on that cold bench and look at the open space and talk to you.
I want to melt together like the lake.  I want you to listen and understand.
I will listen too.


2 Responses to “Phoneography: empty benches, melting lake”

  1. vailtribe Says:

    i would like to assume i know who you are talking about.. but i suppose it could be aMANY people! mashAllah may Allah bless you amen

  2. luci2nura Says:

    Now that I read it, it really could be many people. It could be me talking to a family member and giving dawah (any family member). It could be me giving someone a piece of my mind. It could be me telling someone that I am leaving soon. It could be…. so many possibilities (minus the melting part). But when I wrote this I had my love, my husband in mind.

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