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Procrastination's search for Paradise

what used to be March 6, 2013

I remember

Gail and I leaving just in time for you to be born
Your genuine soft heart
Your friendly smile
Your Salams, greetings to everyone
Watching you and her play
Your Takbir

Walking with you and playing in the hallway while your mama labored
Sitting on my lap during jummah
Watching you learn and grow, when you started to crawl
You pointing to show me the flower on your dress
Your sweet smiles and laughter
Your silly ways

Rollerblading with you down the street
Being greeted and tackled
Having a little sister
Your stories
You helping me and grandma, your special ability to calm your sister
Going to Tawfiq
Special treats
Seeing you be an example to the other kids at the mosque
Finding you wearing my clothes

Fiks classes
Being cupped
Helping me in my quest for a husband
Your Sambusa
Your support as I stopped medications
Giving dawah with you
Your stories
Your constant generosity
Clinics and hospitals

Your gratefulness
Your enjoyment of simple things
Your excitement to see me, every time
Sock reminders
Hair binder reminders
Learning organizational skills
Your signature thumb greetings
Your backrubs

Cooking with you
Seeing you pray
Doing dishes with you
Being motivated by your hard work
Your advice
Your stories
Your motherly affection and care
You adopting me

I remember all of you

I remember
Special treats after iftar
3 years of itikaf
SSKAH  (sisters seeking knowledge at home)
Spending time in the van
My first Eid prayer
Going to the zoo

I remember it all

I remember

{this post is dedicated to my muslim family, who I met the first evening of my first Ramadan}



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Un Stuck

Procrastination's search for Paradise

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