Un Stuck

Procrastination's search for Paradise

The Beginning: interrupted February 12, 2013

I was all ready to dive in and blab all about my current ideas for the blog and then the phone rang. My husband. Will be home from work soon. Now I am distracted by the fact that we are both hungry and while I have some food prepared, I need to make something to go with it. Pasta.

This is not me procrastinating at writing out what I have been thinking. This is life. Interruptions. I take that back. I have had plenty of moments to prepare some pasta to go with that food. If I only trace back my steps.

I’m running out of time. And that, that is what my mind is feeling now. That rush and pressure.

How fitting.  Wow, fits right in.  The first entry really lays out the setting for you.  The good part of that rush is gone.

This is the beginning and things may need some tweaking till its purpose is discovered.  In the mean time  I am so out of time.  I am hoping these ideas and themes stay fresh in my mind.  This blog, my new project, will not go unfinished.

Insha Allah. If God wills.


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Un Stuck

Procrastination's search for Paradise

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