Un Stuck

Procrastination's search for Paradise

Why I blog March 6, 2013

     I love to write!

     Do people enjoy what I write as much as I enjoy writing it?

     I have hope!

I decided to start a blog so I could enjoy my writing hobby and benefit someone else along the way.   I have so much on mind my mind, in my heart and from my past…  I just have to get it out.  Hopefully my posts will provoke your thoughts and emotions.  Maybe they will teach you something new or possibly help you understand something from a different perspective.

My posts don’t always follow the Un Stuck Theme, but when they do my goal is to promote awareness, offer ideas and help one to identify when they are STUCK.  I am still on the journey of getting unstuck and I don’t have all the answers but I do know Islam has played a tremendous role in who I am today.  Even if Islam totally freaks you out or isn’t your thing, I can pretty much promise you that some of the content about Islam will pleasantly surprise you.

I will share a few photos from time to time, even though they are 100% unprofessional.  I enjoy capturing beauty and unique moments and sharing it with others to enjoy.   Explore my  photos by clicking “Fair Photos”.  Maybe I will change that label if or when I get a decent camera.

WARNING:  If you can handle reading something that has miss spelled words, inconsistency, and grammar errors…
you just might be able to handle this blog!


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